NoseApp E6B

Very smart E6B Flight computer with lots of functions and one of a kind timer.


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Reliable Flight Computer

NoseApp E6B has 24 functions and can do 11 unit conversions.

The functions are conveniently grouped in four categories: Pre-Flight Planning, In-Flight Calculations, Weather and Weight Shift Calculations.

The unit convertor works with any unit a pilot needs.

Stopwatch with Leg Split

The timer is really smart.

The stopwatch allows splitting the total time into legs. Not only that, but it can measure the distance of each leg. And yes, it shows the average ground speed for each leg.

The countdown timer counts down to 0 from a preset time.

Flight Information Screen

The flight information screen offers a wealth of information made available by the device's internal or external GPS.

This screen shows: the instantaneous groundspeed, the true and magnetic track, magnetic variation, altitude and vertical speed, and the current latitude and longitude. The screen also displays the accuracy of all this information.

Multiple Units of Measure

The flight computer knows how to work with multiple units of measure.

You can choose various units of measure for temperature, speed, barometric pressure, altitude and fuel.

App Features

This is why this app is awesome!

Flight Computer
Our E6B has 24 functions for pre-flight and in-flight calculations, weather, and weight shift calculations.
Unit Converter
The unit converter allows for basic conversions of distances, time, volumes and pressures.
A basic calculator is available at the touch of a button.
Our stopwatch is one of a kind. It allows you to split the total time by leg and calculate the average groundspeed for each leg.
Countdown Timer
Counts down from the hours and minutes you set.
GPS Information
The flight info screen shows the GPS accuracy, coordinates, true track, magnetic variation, magnetic track, and instantaneous groundspeed.


Here’s some screenshots for your viewing pleasures.


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